In Australia, along the Great Ocean Road, the impetuousness of the sea, the force of the wind and the erosion of the sand have created the natural stacks called Twelve Apostoles.


Two modular elements in Galatone Stone and Classic Travertine, of different colors, create the hollow volume of the table. The base is made of five pieces with variable section, extracted from shapeless blocks by means of a diamond cable, then individually machined with a six-axis milling cutter and prepared with centering holes for pins. The semi-finished products are then pinned and glued in a single block, roughed and finished with a disc. The top obtained from a single solid wood shaped with a cutter.

Two finishes: on the outside, fine lines that are soft to the touch, on the inside, hand brushed. A tempered glass leaves the emptying operated by the anthropomorphic robot visible.


1. semi-finished products of the base assembled by means of pins and glued

2. external modeling of the base with anthropomorphic robot
3. milling of the undertop from a single block
4. handcrafted brushing of the hollow part (inside the table)
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