Design: Giacomo Rollo

Production: Ro.Mar S.R.L.

DIAMONI ', from the Greek "to remain", arises from the need to tell, in a modern and innovative way, the perseverance and resilience of the Salento area and the spirit of those who live there.

It is inspired by the characteristic watchtowers scattered along the Salento coast that make this stretch of the Mediterranean unique. The light that once was a signal of an impending danger from the sea, today shines even brighter, enhancing the beauty of this territory that steals the heart of anyone who visits it.
This lamp is the result of new technologies and various tests, combined with the wise family art of working with stone. The '' Volakas '' marble, of Greek origins, unites the Salento Greece to the project, establishing a deep bond with a past that can still be remembered today in the local dialects.

The concept was born during a sunset by the sea observing Torre from above, in the natural park of Porto Selvaggio, and looking back towards Gallipoli all the towers defending the coast. I would like this lamp to convey the same purity, the same warmth and the same passion that I feel when I am in this wonderful place.



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