Design: Alberto Vendrame
Produzione: Ro.Mar S.R.L per T&D Robotics





Nature transforms itself into an uninterrupted continuum of physical and mechanical actions. The erosive force of the wind and water shapes the rock, creates gorges, inlets, cracks.

A first roughing using a 7-axis robot and diamond cable allows the two conical halves of the base to be extracted from a block of travertine, with minimal waste of material. The subsequent processing with cutters models the profile of the walls which, coupled specularly, refer to the inlets of the canyons.
The plane rests by interlocking on the base: its central fracture recalls the earthquake movements of the earth's faults. Worked from a 5 cm slab, using variable cutters, it is characterized by a strongly convex and tapered trend towards the circumference in a material lightening that is also visual.

working phases by CNC robot of the plan (fig. 1 and 2)
working phases of the legs by means of a CNC robot 7 and diamond wire (fig. 3, 4 and 5) and subsequent finishing by hand ((fig. 6)
hand finishing of the undertop (fig. 7) finished table and load tests (fig. 8 and 9)
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