Any product can be made either in standard size or in customized size. The customer who requires specific needs will be equally satisfied as our work can be carried out in a completely customized way. From the fireplace to the shower tray, from the flooring to the stair cladding, the result is guaranteed with any material the customer chooses.

Particular attention is given to the different finishes that floors or objects may require.
Polishes, bevels, facets, all finishes performed using unique and very high quality processing standards.
The technical department is entrusted to qualified personnel, able to provide customers with continuous assistance both in the design and installation phases.
By creating the most varied works, giving vent to the imagination and human imagination, we satisfy a clientele made up of both designers and companies and direct customers, who currently make up 90% of the required production.
Marble can also be used in various uses and sectors of furniture but also for particular decorative uses such as sacred art and outdoor furniture.



We are able to create support surfaces in stone material for the realization of tables. Custom sizes and shapes to create unique and exclusive tables.

We also produce tables, including a support base, completely in marble and with exclusive designs designed by our designers or designed directly by our customers.


Each hob can be produced using any stone material, with standard and non-standard sizes.

Using particular cutting techniques, the tops can be shaped according to the space you have available and the future appliances that will be installed.


We are also able to satisfy the need to give luster to your pools, creating pool edges of any shape and using Premium materials.

Using laser point technologies, we are able to detect measurements on any shape or size, with very high accuracy.


Marble is a very versatile material, it has multiple characteristics in terms of translucency.

This is why we have designed processes that exploit this characteristic.
The lamps can be made in Travertine, white marble, Volakas marble or Carrara marble.


If you need to lay a completely marble floor, you are in the right place.

Each piece of floor is subjected to very high quality workmanship. They can be followed both by hand and industrially. We also give the possibility, directly to the customer, to choose the raw block of material from which the final product will be brought to light.


We create coverings using any type of marble. Wide choice of processes and designs for your marble staircase.

Standard and non-standard sizes to meet the customer's needs. Particular attention is given to the execution of the work using very high quality standards, respecting the aesthetic properties of the materials.


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