I am a 25 year old creative and visionary boy. I would define myself more as an artist than an entrepreneur or a craftsman. I try to create works that give emotions. By cultivating experiences, projects, life ideas and ideas, I believe I have the potential to know from afar and an added value to give to the world of art. Graduated as a surveyor, I embarked on a university career in engineering, which has failed in recent years. I am currently engaged as Technical Director of Ro.Mar s.r.l. which, using the best innovative technologies and having 7-axis robots, creates sculptures / designs in marble, wood and polyurethane, satisfying the most diverse design and quality requests. I had the honor and the burden of restoring the monument of the fallen in Brindisi created by Edgardo Simone in 2018. In 2019 I made two tables for The Italian Stone Theater-Marmomac in the restaurant area of ​​the author with Simone Bellan in the Great Ocean project (which was selected and published by Domus) and with Alberto Vendrame with the AVMMC-3 concept. I collaborate with the sculptor Renzo Buttazzo with whom in 2019 we exhibited Andromeda® during the `` Dialoghi Lunari '' exhibition, a spherical marble lamp of which I have the copyright. He currently collaborates with Roberto Miglietta of Torre del Parco / Pollicastro and with La Fiermontina by Giacomo Fiermonte.

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